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GitLab blocked Iranians’ access.

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On 3rd Oct. 2020, GitLab blocked Iranians’ access (based on IP) without any prior notice! Five days after (8th Oct.), my friend’s account was blocked, and still he doesn’t have any access to his projects! even after creating a ticket and asking for a temporary access to only export his projects! GitLab refused to unblock him! (screenshot in appendix). My friend is not the only one blocked by GitLab; with a simple search on the web, you can find a growing list of blocked accounts.
So I decided to move from GitLab and EVERY Free Software based/hosted/managed on/in the USA.

When it comes to USA policies, Free Software is a Joke :)

GitLab is not the only actor in this discrimination against Persian/Iranian people; we are also blocked by GitHub, Docker, NPM, Google Developer, Android, AWS, Go, Kubernetes, etc.

But I believe in Freedom and Free Software. I believe Free Software is a SOCIAL MOVEMENT and I hope …


gitlab-403 my-tweet01 my-tweet02 gitlab-tweet-response gitlab-ticket-response google-developer-403 docker-403 golang-403 kubernetes-403 Update 01: ‘youtube-dl’ removed from GitHub
youtube-dl removed from GitHub

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